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About Us

Marcus DeVrae is an accomplished, forward-thinking entrepreneur with 10 years of successful Small Business Consulting experience and a combined 20 years of Sales & Marketing experience. Marcus began his journey into Insurance in 2015 and now specializes in agribusiness, small business, family farms liability, and risk analysis. Marcus’s ambition and drive are what led to him becoming a trusted Business Advisor who provides unsurpassed value to small business owners to include Strategic Marketing advice, Sales Training, and Business Succession Planning. Marcus developed The Alanova Group with the vision to become the face of revitalization and protect assets that create generational wealth.

From the mouth of Marcus:

My goal is simple, represent the people and protect their future. I prioritize ensuring an improved quality of life for all my clients based on their individual goals. My personal motto is Building Dreams and Protecting Legacies, which I accomplish through a sharp focus on streamlining and simplifying the process; actively listening to your needs; and working tirelessly on your behalf. The T.A.G. agency is built on dedication, effective communication, tenacity, and integrity and I am eager to help you realize your dreams!